All in the name of Teddy!

My baby loves her Teddy of that you can be sure! She was given him for her first christmas and she hasn’t let go of him since!

It’s strange how they attach to something of their choice! Even though they get offered so many others they always seem to go for the one you don’t think they will.

This is a very special teddy, it’s her special Grandpa Teddy! I love that she loves the one present her grampa had a hand in choosing. Grampa just turned 81 this year and lives in South Africa so she doesn’t get to see him much but I thinks so sweet that everynight she goes to sleep with a little bit of him in her arms!

Jenna with her grampa!

Yesterday I accidentally took Teddy to work in the back of my car after dropping her off at play group! I didn’t realise until I got a frantic phone call asking if I knew where he was! I was gutting when I realised, espcially when I was only going to be home at 9:30pm!! Oh man bed time was going to be a challenge!

Teddy under and thumb in mouth = sleep = peace and quiet for mum!

I happened to look across my office at about 5:30 and noticed one of my managers packing up for the night and suddenly realised he lived in the same town as us! I flew across to him and practically begged him to take Ted home for Jenna. He was a little bemused – he has no kids himself, but agreed to the request and soon Teddy was winging it home on the M1!

Oh course my ever confident daughter then greeted him in her knickers and still had the cheek to moan that mommy had taken it in the first place – and after all that effort!

Teddy over the last few weeks has started looking a little sad… he has got a bald patch and a hole! She started pulling his fur to get something out of it and just didn’t stop… takes after mom I guess… and then the hole happened. And the finger had to go in the hole, and the hole got bigger, and bigger! Time to go to mommy’s teddy hospital!

My very overdramatic sad looking little girl with a holey teddy!

Half hour later he was mended… and I had a happy little girl! Let hope this Teddy lasts forever… cause I don’t want to see what will happen when he does eventually fall apart! Oh dear!!

A sewn up and restuff teddy – ain’t he cute!!