A mare, a total nightmare!

Why on earth did I publish that post about a good day!  Stupid stupid, lesson learnt – don’t tempt fate!!

Today has been a crappy day!

2:20 am:  I was awoken by a very cute but VERY wide awake little boy. We managed to convince him to lie down quietly and go to sleep between us.  And was quite, for quite a long time. That however doesn’t mean he was still. What a wriggler, scratcher and peek a boo under the coverer he was!

4am:  I’d had enough and took him back downstairs and chucked tucked him back under the covers.

Amazingly, he went straight off to sleep! Little bugger!

4:40 am:  Lovely little sister starts moaning which then progresses to full-blown hysteria! I hate teeth, hate hate hate them. Well not the actual teeth but just the process, the actual teeth are pretty useful really!

5am:  1 bottle downed.

5:35 am:   Baby dozed off, with her face against mine breathing stinky milky formula breath into mine. And of course every time I moved her she woke up…

6am: Look at clock, groan, move baby regardless of consequences and finally fall asleep!

6:30 am:  Daddy moves and bumps baby. Baby screams.

6:35 am: Bed piled onto by stinky wide awake boy and big girl!

7:15 am: Can’t handle the moaning anymore, downstairs for breakfast.

7:25 am:  Carter turns his full cup upside down on the table.

Let skip to a few moaning, screaming and fighting hours later after a nap that lasted less than 1 and half hours for the kids and 15 minutes for me.

4 pm:  Into kitchen to check on curry in the slow cooker. Baby moaning and whining, paracetamol given and lugged around on hip.

4:05pm:  Arrive back in lounge to see 4 puzzles, 1 box of dominoes and the box full of crayons and pencils all emptied out on the floor. Topped by a healthy amount of sofa cushions and pillows!

4:30 pm:  Lounge tidy, after some naughty step sitting for attitude and disobedience. Children sent upstairs to play quietly in their rooms.

4:40 pm:  A scream, a bump and some crying. Run up stairs to find the Jenna and Carter had an argument half way up the stairs to our loft room and Carter had gone over backwards down the stairs. Check for damage, he’s OK. Tell Jenna off for fighting on stairs, Carter says yes and hits her. She pinches him back. 2 screaming children left sitting on the step upstairs, together.

4:55pm:  Text from hubby “I’m not going to be home at 5 but I’ll be back more at 6”. Crap…

5:10pm:  Hussle them upstairs, a bath should cheer them up. Think this was the only thing that went according to plan today!

5:45 pm:  Settle kids at the table for dinner. Hand out drinks. 1x drink all over the table and floor.

5:55 pm: Hand out food. 1x I don’t like this food. Hubby home! Hurrah!!

6:05 pm:  Dinner done. Snatching of a reading book ensues! Shouting ensues, followed by some more naughty step sitting.

6:15 pm: Head to lounge to relax – bugger! Dominoes all over floor again and 100 odd Disney cards scattered around.

6:18 pm: Carter kicks dominoes and throws them all over the floor.  More time spent on the step – hmm think there might be a dent after today!

6:30 pm:  Some fun with the Elefun game. Not long lasted, decided time to put them all to bed for some quiet.

7:05 pm: 3 children in bed and quiet!

8 pm: a moan, a shout and then a scream growing in crescendo.

8:05 pm:  Nurofen given, a little rocking and it’s now going quiet.

Let’s hope that’s the end of it. And that was just a little bit of it!!  Lesson learnt – don’t get complacent!

At least I have the easier day tomorrow, I’m at work!


Well it’s the 2nd October, not long to go to the most crazy time of the year, its been a crazy last month for us doing family; Botha style.

Well our 3 little ones are growing up so fast…from youngest to oldest…here we go.

In Tamsin Jayne’s life,  a crazy 6 months old next week. We are pleased to say that we have two toofs in the ‘house’.  Her little life is taking on a whole new meaning and is becoming such a cutie and always has a smile for the passers-by. The 3rd child syndrome does strike sometimes but not all the time. One thing is for sure though; TJ is never short of entertainment, if it is not Master Carter giving a slobbery kiss on the forehead then its Madam Jenna singing to her. TJ has also started on the solid variety of pureed food, so far so good and now actually started on finger foods, I must say at this point is that my lovely wife is an absolute machine when it comes to the pureeing and the freezer is choko with all sorts of cubed food from carrots, mince, liver, chicken stew, peas, courgette, raspberries, apples and many more.

In Carter Grant’s life, it is sometimes crazy living with the ladies, speaking from experience having grown up with 3 sisters. But hey, to be honest I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Carter loves his sisters, as told above, whenever TJ is up from her nap there is a slobbery kiss just waiting for her and in Jenna’s shadow there is a Carter not so far behind, just waiting to play the pick and run game with Jenna. Anything that Jenna decides to pick up and play with, Carter waits in the shadow and if it is put down for just second, it is swooped upon and is ran off in the opposite direction with a wailing Jenna in tow. Carter has started with the Moo’s, Baa’s and Woof Woof’s when asked about the different animals. He gets loads of help from Jenna on cue. Even though his words are slow, he so understands what is happening around him and loves to point to what he wants.

In Jenna-May life there has been a massive change for her, starting her school life at the age of 3. In the UK they start a little early in one’s life for schooling. Jenna now goes to Nursery every morning for 3 hours and this  is the start of free schooling. As you can imagine it is somewhat different to just going to Play group twice a week and now having to go everyday, it didn’t take long for JM to say, I don’t want to go today, etc. Needless to say it does not take much to get JM motivated again which is good. We are still trying to get JM to give us a little more information when asked what you did today rather than the standard, “we played inside and we played outside”. Another satisfying side to report is the fact that JM is now dry at night about 8 or 9 out of 10. So here is hoping that only goes up and our other two little people follow suit.

So I guess the only 2 left in the Botha household is the two that started the Botha family.

Well in Kerry May’s life, it is starting to gain momentum to another phase that KM knows all to well now, the art of going to back to work and the start of again juggling work, which will be added to her running the house of 4 children, me included I’m told. Having 3 little ones and adding work to this equation takes some skill, but I have no doubt that God will get us through this stage. It is a fine balance to get the required hours KM needs to work to make it all financial viable and the amount of child care hours to be paid for it not be the only thing that Kerry’s salary pays for. Another item that makes be proud is Kerry’s blog, with over 2100 hits in a little over 2-3 months since starting it, it is proving a good outlet for Kerry to encourage and motivate other mom’s with families and sharing our household happenings with people on the web. I’ve noticed at how different Kerry and I are, naturally we are different as in man and woman but one of her blog posts moved me to tears when reading about watching Jenna sleep. It is crazy in this busy life we lead but it take just a couple of seconds to admire and ponder and reflect on something and in this case watching our eldest sleep so peacefully and knowing God made her with our help.

Well last but not least, my life is sometimes a little crazy with all of the above but it is certainly the best life. Got a supportive and encouraging wife and friends and the best 3 little ones, this Dad could have asked for. Work wise, it does continue to be a challenge, however Gods in charge and yes He says, why worry…But I guess it is only natural to worry about all sorts of things from financial stuff to protection stuff to all sorts of stuff.

Our God is good, we have super friends and family (afar and close), we are so blessed by loads of people who impact our family and it is great to do life; the Botha style.

Thanks for reading and it’s been a pleasure to share these thoughts with you, here’s to another 30 days or so in Oatridge Gardens.