It’s a good good day.

You know those good days.  Those rare but lovely days where everything actually seems to go as planned.  Where the children all cooperate and there is no shouting or sitting on the step. Well today was one of those days.

Admittedly I worked so wasn’t around the children all day to see if they were lovely but in the hours we did spend together they were! I suppose that is one of the few advantages (besides money obviously) to working.  The time you spend with your children you want to make the best and nicest you can. They too seem to appreciate seeing you. There is nothing better than getting home to hear you name shouted in excitement.

I managed to get up on time, to shower, prep the kids (obviously together with the hubby) and get out the house at the right time.  I found a free parking at work until 3pm!!  Work was good and even the traffic cooperated and wasn’t too heavy!

If only ever day was this good, or is it?? Or do I tend to focus on the crappy parts of the? The moaning and fighting rather than the good moments. I’m sure there is good in every day but sometimes I guess I just don’t see it.

Going back to work I suppose has done that for me. It’s made me appreciate my time at home that much more… long may it continue!!