Winter washing

I know I’m getting very domestic…. the things that occupy your mind, and your time!

OK so the weather she is closing in, the days are chillier and the nights longer, which can only mean one thing…. the tumble dryer is working overtime!

So I’ve been trying to cut down on all our additional costs and next on my list is my beloved tumble dryer.  I don’t really know how I would have survived without it this last year! It literally saved my sanity! But the time has come to start cutting down on its use… weaning myself slowly off my lifeline.

And this is my plan!!!

I have decided to start washing in the late afternoon instead of every morning.  That way I can hang clothes on the radiators and on the clothes hanger in front of the radiator without:

  1. Making my house look like a chinese laundry
  2. my children putting my clean clothes on the floor
  3. playing with the clothes horse and getting it stuck on their head (true story!)
  4. and most importantly me not having to see it look untidy all day

And then I can get up each morning to clean and dry washing, all I have to do is fold and pack away during the day. And then start the process of hunting down all the dirties and packing the washer again!

I have also promises myself that IF (a big IF) the weather is sunny (although cold) and a little breezy I will put the hanger outside to get all the wetness off before bringing it in! I will also use the water heater cupboard to hang and dry formal/work shirts to reduce ironing!

That being said however I will NOT be getting rid of beloved, she will remain under the dining table where she lives for those emergency situations that always arise!

Or in case said “best laid plans” all fall to ruin!

How do you cope in winter with the washing…. teach this South African transplant something!

Winter warmers…. well an attempt!

With the air getting a little chillier and the leaves turning brown, red and yellow Autumn is definitely on its way! That being said I have started sorting out the kids wardrobes to make sure everything they need is at hand when it’s needed! Organised I know! Also I’m sick of fighting with Jenna (3) who only wants to wear her summer dresses or shorts – so temptation has been removed and packed away until the next warm spell!

So I realised that there were plenty things needed for Carter as he hits that next age of clothing (18-24 months) and a new season. Which is why I decided to try to copy a cute little hat that Tamsin had as a new-born.

Now as I mentioned before I am a VERY amateur seamstress but after digging through my scrap box found a couple of tops I thought I could rip apart and use.

Here is the result!

One day my son will be still long enough to take a good photo!