I couldn’t do it could you??

I couldn’t be a childminder, I don’t know about you? Maybe it’s just cause I’d feel so inferior to ours that it’s not an option!

I couldn’t take 5 kids out for a walk in the woods and bring them all home in 1 piece with a packet of leaves and acorns each and in a decent state!

Feed 5 kids chocolate birthday cake and lunch and still keep her house looking neat and tidy.

Allow all 5 kids to play in the lounge with toys without screaming shouting and non sharing!

Keep 4 out of 5 children who have missed their afternoon nap happy and entertained whilst mommy enjoyed her extended shopping trip sans children!

To have the balls on our first meeting to tell us that if we didn’t want her to tell our baby she loved her and baby love her back and to cuddle her as much as she has the time to then we are not the right family to be with her!!

And you know what she has followed through on every one of those… she loves our kids like her family! They love her cuddles. She brings them presents every birthday, stops by to say Hi when she can. Takes the kids for free afternoons after we stopped her services when baby 3 was born. Organises days out with her kids and their families to get to know each other!

This year she is also planning of using the money she would have spent on gifts for the kids on giving a “good gift” – eye surgery, a goat, a chicken or water to some needy children in disadvantages countries.  And the kids get to also collect money and choose the gift together. Such a lovely idea to get the kids to give this christmas and not just expect to be given!

You know what, I don’t think I could ever do her job as well as her! We know we’ve found a gem, she adores your kids and they in turn love her to bits!

If you have to go back to work I would hope EVERYONE finds someone they feel so confident and content with to look after their most important possession! And you know what the more people who love and care for your kids surely the better…