Monday munchies… butternut risotto

This is one of our family favorites… and for something I was pretty scared of making it is surprisingly easy!

Fry one largish onion with some garlic.

Add about half to whole butternut (depends on how many you making for obviously – we tend to use about 3/4 for our family of 5). Add to the onions and fry off for a little while. Add about 1-2cm of water to the bottom of the pan to help it cook out.

Water should have gone by the time the butternut is ready.  Add a good old knob of butter and mix in the risotto.

Add hot stock (I use the cubes and dissolve it in a jug ready to add with boiled kettle water) a little at a time.

Stir continuously (or just as often as you can) to make sure it doesn’t all clump together and get claggy.

Keep adding stock until the risotto is cooked through but keeps a little bite or texture.

Dish up!

Sprinkle some parmesan on the top… or actually feta on it is really nice too surprisingly, think it’s the saltinesss with the sweet butternut!


I love the versatility of risotto, you can make nearly any flavour you like! This butternut one is also really good with a big handful of chorizo added in with the onions!

A summer favorite here is also pea and mint risotto!

The options are endless!