Inconvenient blooming bowels!!!!

So why is that every time you are in a hurry to get out the door a crappy nappy needs changing. Or every time you have just got everyone dressed and changed their wet nappies they decided to do a poo!

And why has my littlest little girl decided that 3-4am in the morning is a great time to work on a turd!! I mean come on!!

They have to take after their father and his inconvenient bowels – whenever you need help (maybe it’s just an excuse to get out of it??) or trying to shove him out the door to get somewhere on time the inconvenient bowel strikes!! In his words “when you gotta go you gotta go”!! Apologies in advance to my husband for talking about his BM’s on my blog!!

Yesterday for example; there were 9 poo nappies (between 2 children) and 2 sticky butt’s to wipe! Talk about a crappy day!

Wouldn’t the world (meaning MY world) be a nicer place if they could all coordinate their bowel movements to specific times of the day, all together! I know I still have at least 2 years to go but I’m dreaming of nappy free days! And having nightmares of the process to get to that stage via potty training!

Here’s hoping for a less crappy day today!! How crappy are your days?

3 thoughts on “Inconvenient blooming bowels!!!!

  1. I’ve had 8 kids so I know that some days are just major crappy days !!! The nappies may go but the smell lingers !!!
    Found you via BritMums – I do a column on Tuesday mornings about and for newer bloggers, also run where we showcase newer bloggers every week – it’s a fab place to find other new bloggers who are just starting out and pick up some tips from ‘older’ ones x

  2. I’m sorry, Bothabunch and Mammasaurus, but it’s our job to poo at the most inconvenient times, just to test you. Mummy was late for a course yesterday because I mustered up a belter for her just as we were leaving the house. I’m an only child at the moment, so there’s a lot of pressure on me to keep it up on my own!
    Bothabunch – I, too, found you via the BritMums good reads, and I can vouch for LoveNewBlogs – it’s great!

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